Video Premiere: Bourbon Therapy’s War Hero Song “Peace That You Deserve”

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Americana Highways brings you this video premiere of Bourbon Therapy’s “Peace That You Deserve.”  The song features Aaron Skiles on bass, vocals and harmonica; Andrew Waegel on pedal steel and dobro, Robbie Kimzey on guitars with Rebecca Skiles on vocals, Josh Manion on drums and Maria Long on vocals.

The video was produced, directed and edited by Cesar Delly who also produced Bourbon Therapy’s first video, “Say Hello Say Goodbye.” Acting credits abound, with Jack Kennedy (, a former Army paratrooper and current actor who Aaron Skiles (lead guitarist/singer Bourbon Therapy) met while at West Point, playing the main character/Veteran.  Rebecca Skiles, plays the wife/lead singer.  Jack David Kennedy, Jack Kennedy’s young son, plays the son; Leah Skiles, Aaron and Rebecca’s daughter, plays the daughter.  Aaron Skiles, plays a friend/bass player and Sadie, the Skiles’ family dog, plays the family dog.  The video was shot in August at both the Skiles’ house and the Grand Lake Farmers’ Market, in Oakland, CA

Aaron Skiles, a veteran also, wrote the song. He has friends who have been effected by PTSD this song chronicles many of those experiences. This song and video confront some of the most painful experiences we as a nation create.  Bourbon Therapy is donating the proceeds of this song to Mission -22; a non-profit, non-political organization working to prevent veterans suicide through awareness and treatment programs.  

When the band went to the studio to record the song, I decided that the instrumental break should be extended and I came up with the multi-part vocal harmonies at the end, the heaviest part, and climax, of the song. As a band we discussed how to end the song and considered several endings. Ultimately we thought the best way to end the song would be to have Rebecca sing the main chorus line once, with no music behind her in any form. That way the impact of the line “I hope you finally find the peace that you deserve” is the last impression the listener has, and there is nothing else, sonically, to distract from the message of that line. —Aaron Skiles

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