REVIEW: Deb Montgomery’s “All The Water” EP Will Reach Inside and Grab Hold


When you think about the instruments in a band, you may not necessarily consider the vocals. However, with some singers, the voice is definitely an instrument, and it is used as much as any other instrument to create feeling in the music. On All the Water (produced by Mikel Perkins), Deb Montgomery’s vocals are quite possibly the strongest instrument in a really solid band.

The opening track features Montgomery picking an acoustic guitar while Jens Gunnoe pounds a simple, primal rhythm on the drums. Montgomery delivers the vocals in a breathy voice that lends an even more evocative feel to an already powerful song.
This album is interesting for its marriage of styles. She has the voice of a folk singer while the band plays a style that is not unlike The Heartbreakers. “Dig for Diamonds” is a good example of this. Montgomery’s voice is almost haunting as she sings “You can turn this around. It’s OK to be lost so you can be found.”

“Wake Me” includes some country sounds especially in the guitar. This is the shortest song on the album, but it just might be the most powerful – particularly when you hear the swell of strings in the background. Part of the power of this song is that it ends so abruptly. It doesn’t fade out. Montgomery sings, “We were running back to you,” and then the song ends like a punch to the gut.

What’s amazing about this album is the amount of emotion evoked in just five songs. Montgomery’s voice and lyrics have the ability to reach inside the listener and grab hold of something. In that regard, she is as good as Judy Collins or Joan Baez. All the Water will be available everywhere on October 19. Order your copy at

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