Show Review: Father John Misty Displayed Wealth of Talent at Jones Assembly in OKC

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Josh Tillman, or Father John Misty as he and his band are collectively known, is an artist in every sense of the word. From his recorded works, to his tours, he approaches all things from a different angle than most would it seems. Indeed, Father John Misty itself is simply a character Tillman created to prevent himself from being constricted to a certain perceived image. Regardless of the intention or how this is perceived, it’s obvious Tillman is wealthy in talent, and that his fans adore him for it.
Touring in support of his newest release, “God’s Favorite Customer” on SubPop Records, Tillman took the stage at The Jones Assembly to adoration and cries of “I love you Josh!” , and launched the band into a memorable take on “I Love You, Honeybear.” Tillman maintains a cool, poised stage presence, occasionally spinning off into an enchanting dance or spin much to the adoration of an audience that revels in such displays. It’s certainly theatrical, and doubtlessly scripted. Yet, without a doubt, it’s entertaining and captivating. Showcasing a career spanning setlist, that seems to change order nightly, the songs titles themselves are works of art; “Disappointing Diamonds Are The Rarest of Them All,” “Nothing Good Ever Happens at the Goddamn Thirsty Crow,” and “When The God of Love Returns They’ll Be Hell To Pay” and so on. The songs have as their base, an Earthy organic feel, that somehow against all logic work in this full theatric-like presentation. Highlights for me included, “Please Don’t Die,” “Hangout At the Gallows” and “Chateau Lobby #4”. All were presented impeccably by an outstanding band, one that really sold the presentation as a whole. I think it would be hard to see these songs any other way. They certainly wouldn’t lend themselves to be accompanied by a singular acoustic guitar. The band gives each song a depth and solidness. That’s not to say the set doesn’t become a tad mundane at times. The songs do become a bit similar sounding, but thankfully that’s what the band counteracts for the most part. Father John Misty takes their tour over to Europe next. Dates and info can be found here:

Opening the evening was local band Broncho, a pop-punk band that for me, reminds me of the best of 80’s college music. Edgy, artsy and fun, the band caused me more than once to think of the Psychedelic Furs only to take me in a completely different direction. Playing predominantly a set focused on their new album “Bad Behavior”, which released Oct 12th, the band entertained dedicated fans as the sold out crowd built for the main event. Highlights for me included, “Boys Got To Go”, “Sandman” and “I Know You”. You can find out more about Broncho here:


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