Listen: Album Premiere of Anne Deming’s “Dash & Temper”

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Americana Highways presents  you with this premiere of Anne Deming’s album Dash & Temper, due out October 16. Deming, on vocals and guitar, is backed on this project by Jasper Nephew on guitars, resonator and banjo, Ian Allison on bass and Steve Goold on drums and other percussion.
“Live Your Life” openly inspires you to use that fancy china and get the tattoo you always wanted,  with Deming’s vocal delivery that’ll capture your heart and make you want to rise up and soar. “It Isn’t Love ‘Til it Hurts” represents another side of the emotional spectrum, with a bluesy commiseration you’ll shed a tear with.  “Oh How I Miss Being Single” is yet another angle on the emotional front: with banjo and a lighthearted tune.  This album will provide you with anything you might need in an emotional and musical sampler: from highs to lows and everything in between.  On Twitter, Deming tells us that dash and temper are cooking terms:  a dash is a little bit, and temper is a process of adding ingredients — and Deming’s album most certainly cooks up something new.
Music from several genres ended up in the songs on the Dash & Temper album. I’d like to think we have a new category of music called Electrocana. It’s bluesy Americana with an edge! I’m working on logistics for a broader 2019 tour after folks have had a little time to digest the new music. In the meantime I’ll just keep writing more songs  – Anne Deming

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