Watch: Video Premiere of Roy Schneider & Kim Mayfield’s “Jump In” from “Reckless Saints”

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Americana Highways brings you this video premiere of Roy Schneider & Kim Mayfield’s “Jump In” from their album Reckless Saints, due to be released November 2nd.  The video was directed and produced by Chris Bradshaw, with thanks to Old Soul Brewing in Fort Myers, FL for the filming location.  “Jump In” features Roy Schneider singing and playing both harmonica and dobro;  Kim Mayfield on vocals and acoustic guitar, with Freebo on bass.

This duo is invariably fun and heartwarming and all their music reflects a musically celebratory cheer.  “Jump In” is infectious with contagious fun-loving vibes, and nimble, expert, fast-paced instrumentation.  We guarantee a listen to this is just exactly what the doctor ordered, today and every day.

We decided to make ‘Jump In’ the kickoff song for the record because it’s just fun, fast and throws you right into the driver’s seat to zoom into our new album. Being simply an accounting of our life on the road on a particularly busy week, it was the natural choice for shooting a quality video fairly quickly… No storyboard required!

You can pre-order the album right here: as you watch here:


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