Watch: Lyric Video Premiere of Sandy Carroll’s “Wrapped in an Angel” from “Blues & Angels”

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Americana Highways is pleased to present this lyric video premiere of “Wrapped In An Angel” from Sandy Carroll’s forthcoming album Blues & Angels (Catfood Records) – written by Sandy Carroll & Mark Narmore.  This track is brought to you by Bessie Blue Publishing & Oven Music, and was produced & mixed by Jim Gaines at Bessie Blue Studios.

This song features Carroll’s striking husky vocals and intonation, with Will MacFarland on guitar, Mark Narmore on piano, rhythmnists Dave Smith and Steve Potts, and with Trinecia Butler singing backups.  Carroll commiserates “Everybody got trouble, everybody got pain” as she pours a glass of wine.  But the wine, and the song, are healing elixirs.  Carroll calls on the spiritual healing powers as a prescription for healing, with this song that empowers us to rejuvenate, as MacFarland’s punctuated guitar playing over easy rhythms and smooth piano riffs brings its message home.

A song of healing… sometimes we all need a little help. My prayer for comfort is to be ‘wrapped in an angel’ until strong enough to stand on solid ground. The video depicts the pain we go thru — addiction, depression, loss — by images of people in trouble and unreachable floating bridges, lifelines and cries for help…even when you can’t see the halo, call on faith. The Angels hear the cries and wrap around you temporally in a crises. When you are strong enough and gather your powers as shown by the health and strength of a rock climber… so you won’t break when you bend, you are back on solid ground and the angel leaves until you need her again. All images of spirit and different angels of all kinds of cultures and faiths. This video gives me hope. — Sandy Carroll

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