Listen: Song Premiere of Sarah Borges “Get As Gone Can Get” from Upcoming Album “Love’s Middle Name”

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Sarah Borges’ upcoming release Love’s Middle Name will be available on Blue Corn Records on October 12th but you can have a listen to the song premiere of  “Get as Gone Can Get” right here, today.

The album was produced by Eric “Roscoe” Ambel who co-wrote the music for two songs and played all throughout the project.  The album is pure roots rock power music, but give Borges’ lyrics some attention and you’ll find the record is full of down-and-out characters who are just trying to do the best they can.  As are we all.  The line-up on the album is Borges on guitar and vocals with Ambel on guitars, keyboard and backing vocals.  Phil Cimino is on drums, except for two tracks featuring Ed Arnold in that spot.  (Cimino is playing on this premiered track.)  Borges’ long time cohort Binky plays bass.

“Get As Gone Can Get” is a paradigmatic track for what the rest of the album has in store for you.  Borges has a way of wrapping struggling characters in the most exciting rock and roll dresses.  Featuring red hot guitar tones and a stunning vocal interplay with Ambel, Borges’ lyrical couple enacts a frenzied whirlwind romance, but with the caveat “I knew I should’ve turned around and went the other way” building up with monster rhythms to the culmination of her husband with a shotgun knockin’ at the door.

I’ve had this song kicking around for years, but could never find a perfect partner for it until Roscoe gave it a go. Quintessential love triangle, dramatic results. Includes rapid fire vocals to make it extra exciting! — Sarah Borges

Be sure to pre-order this one, it’s over on iTunes and if you preorder the album you can have this track right now.  But first, listen to it, right here:



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