Listen: Premiere of Song “Adeliina” by Jordan Lovelis From New Album

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Americana Highway presents the premiere track, “Adeliina,” from Jordan Lovelis’ forthcoming new album Hey Diane. The album features Jordan Lovelis on guitars, vox and percussion with Kelly Winrich on piano and rhythm section. Hey Diane was produced by Kelly Winrich, recorded at The Cave in New York,  mixed by Joshua James and mastered by Brain Zieske.
With its easy beat, its sonic buildup with organ tones, and Lovelis’ soothing vocals, “Adeliina” is a sweet lighthearted song about a perfect first date. Lovelis croons “I thought she looked pretty, there was nothing to contemplate; we were dancing in the rain, Adeliina could you meet me halfway?” and you’re immediately ready to take it easy and enjoy a simple rendezvous.
I went on a date with a girl who was visiting LA from Finland. She was a great girl and we had a great night but she moved back home a couple days after we met. I really liked her name and romanticized our night into this song. She thought it was pretty strange when she heard it. haha! — Jordan Lovelis
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