Listen: Song Premiere of Katie Kuffel’s “Come Home” From Forthcoming Album “Take It Up”

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Americana Highways is pleased to premiere this single from Katie Kuffel’s upcoming album Take It Up:  “Come Home.”  Take It Up features Kuffel, rhythmnists Jon Robinson and Jordan Weigert; Kale Lotton on sax with Lana McMullen and David Kelly on vocal harmonies. It was recorded at Nickerson Studios in Seattle; and mixed and mastered by Cody Kilpatrick and Hunter Rath.

“Come Home” is a testament to working through challenges rather than trying to win in a conflict.   So many songs bemoan the feeling of victimhood but this one addresses the evolved concept of building something out of conflict.  Starting off a capella with finger clicks, through sashaying blues vocals with piano and sax, Kuffel sings “I’m not easy but I’m easy to please; I’m not easy but I’m trying.”

Come Home was one of those songs that has always been an olive branch. As someone who used to be in a lot of very unhealthy relationships, it’s incredible to me to have found someone who is willing to argue with you from a place of love, and respect. So much so I had to celebrate it in this track. It’s coming from the moment where you’re both tired, you’ve heard and repeated and hashed everything out, and now there’s only the need to reach your hand out to the other person, say you understand them, and, even if you don’t agree with them, you love them.
I wanted this song to sound as joyous and caring as that feeling. It’s a little corny, it’s a little coy, and if it does it’s job it’ll make you smile.  I think we’re raised to believe an argument is about being right instead of listening to another human being, and we could all use a little lesson in creating a safe space for productive conversation. For me, it’s one of the reasons we tend to open with this song at our live shows. It’s my way of telling the audience ‘come as you are, here’s a safe space, we both have some shit to air out and it can happen here.’
-Katie Kuffel

Listen right here:

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