Listen: Exclusive Song Premiere “Suddenly I’m Single” from Jim Wyly’s “The Artisan”

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Americana Highways presents an exclusive song premiere of “Suddenly I’m Single,” from Texas musician Jim Wyly’s upcoming release The Artisan, due October 5th.   While Wyly has spent several decades in bands like Movin Target and The Lunar Rollers, this is his debut solo album.  Houston songwriter Libby Koch sings harmony vocals with Wyly on the track, and the heartbreaking violin you hear is Javier Chaparro. The record was co-produced by Wyly and Chuck Hawthorne.

“Suddenly I’m Single” lyrically chronicles the shocking abrupt ending of a relationship, complete with clothing thrown out onto the lawn, with no time spent dwelling on the precipitating event.  Indeed the protagonist seems not to understand why, but neither does he question it.  While the lyrics tread somewhat lightly through murky layers on a serious subject, cautiously — though still perhaps regretfully —  celebrating the freedom, the music is all professional clarity.  From the gentle guitar playing to Chaparro’s low-end fiddle; from the light harmonies to Wyly’s earthy vocals; the song, and the production, are sonic oases in a world of clatter.

I’ve had this song for some time, 20 years or so, but never recorded it on an album. I have been performing it for several years and is one of my most requested songs.  This song was inspired by a true experience I had. I of course embellished the story. It represents a sudden reversal in life that you didn’t see coming. So you come home from work one evening and all your belongings have been moved to the yard and new locks on the door.  I am surprised at how many people identify with this song. I assume, not exactly the same, but most people have had a sudden reversal in their life. It means different things to different people. Some, a sad event, some, a sudden freedom, and some, oh well shit happens.  — Jim Wyly

Give it a listen, here:

3 thoughts on “Listen: Exclusive Song Premiere “Suddenly I’m Single” from Jim Wyly’s “The Artisan”

  1. Absolutely one of my favorite songs by Jim Wyly. This song is timeless because it comes from the heart, and everyone can relate to feeling alone at some point in their life. Well done! Really looking forward to the album release of “the artisan” by Jim with more great songs.

  2. Got that lonely empty feeling of just wanting things to be the same..suddenly is powerful word usage..Jim sings straight from and to the Heart..his album should be terrific. can hear the mileage of the roads he’s traveled…

    The Good Jim Jones

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