REVIEW: Cody Jinks’ Latest Release “Lifers” Is A Triple Threat In The Music World


Cody Jinks, the Texas powerhouse songwriter who once was the lead vocalist for the thrash metal band Unchecked Aggression, has a triple threat hit on his hands with his latest release Lifers on Rounder Records. It’s a triple threat because it could be touted as a traditional country record with his wonderful voice and beautifully engineered radio friendly songs. It’s a triple threat because this is an instant outlaw hit with its big Texas guitars, hard living stories and heartfelt lyrics, and he’s a triple threat as a new Americana artist with his great storytelling sense and beautiful melodies. This one is a great listen for everyone.

From the rocking electric guitars and tasty slide work on the opening track “Holy Water” you’re hooked. The sparse but powerful production gives a lot of space for Cody’s great voice to paint the picture on. “Somewhere Between I Love You and I’m Leaving” is a beautiful, plaintive and longing song over a beautiful soundscape. The first single, “Must Be the Whiskey” grabs you immediately, with its’ killer hook and instantly memorable chorus. The title track “Lifers” is a magnificent piece of music, with its’ lyrics like “He wakes up with the chickens…in the Waco sun” conveying lives full of hard work, hard living and a life of dreams.

“Big Last Name” is like a party rock country dance hit, like a song that any number of big name artists will wish they wrote. This one could be a big single with its’ driving beat, super twangy guitars and catchy vocals. The next track, “Desert Wind” is a sparse, lonely sounding beauty with some great tremolo guitars and a cool drum sound…it feels like being on an empty open highway. “Colorado” is perhaps the most beautiful song on Lifers, about a relationship and a “Love gone down burning” that tugs at your heartstrings while the pretty acoustic guitar surrounds you and comforts you as well. “Can’t Quit Enough” is a traditional country romp with a great honkytonk piano, bluesy guitars, and a slide guitar solo that just sings. “7th Floor” opens with a cool retro organ, evolving into a haunting narrative of a man driven to find someone…and filled out with a soulful choir adding to the songs’ magnificence. “Stranger” is an introspective, observational delight with acoustic guitar, a story of a person taking an honest hard look in the mirror. The last track “Head Case” starts with a somber violin melody and the writer sharing their most private thoughts, turning into an upbeat saga with beautiful chords and guitar melodies…pleading for love with a masterful voice and embraceable lyrics.

Cody Jinks’ band, The Tone Deaf Hippies (Chris Claridy on lead guitar, Joshua Thompson on bass and David Colvin on drums; with Drew Harakal on keys and Austin “Hot Rod” Tripp on steel guitar) are out on tour now throughout the United States. Raised in Fort Worth, Texas Cody has created and organized the “Loud and Heavy Fest” on August 18th at Fort Worth’s Panther Island Pavilion, an all day festival of music, art, food and culture this summer. His fans, affectionately known as “Flockers” are dedicated and loyal and are known to sell out his shows and events quickly. Join the flock…and check out Cody Jinks’ latest release “Lifers.” You won’t be disappointed.  Get your copy here.

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