REVIEW: Buck Owens’ “The Complete Capitol Singles: 1967-1970” Capture the Trebly Hits of His Heyday


Omnivore Records is working with Buck Owens’ estate to release a series, and The Complete Capitol Singles: 1967–1970, is part of it; it’s a collection that includes 14 Top Ten hits, in addition to the A- and B-side to all 18 singles from that period: 36 total tracks.  The project presents the songs in their original form and orders them chronologically. The collection was produced and compiled by Grammy®-nominated producer, Patrick Milligan and mastered from original analog master tapes by Grammy®-winning engineer, Michael Graves, at Osiris Studio.

This release is the second in the series.  You know Buck Owens is a legend, but did you know he produced 21 number 1 hits, most of them with the Buckaroos, and Don Rich on guitar?  Most of these hits are on this release.  He also co-hosted the television series Hee-Haw, beginning in 1969, which catapulted him into national stardom.  This collection spans through that time period.  His was the cornerstone of the Bakersfield country sound, and these songs, these recordings,  commemorate Owens’ work in what was arguably his heyday.

Owens claimed these Capitol recordings were “heavy on the treble” because that’s the best way to listen to them on the am radio.  Listening to them now automatically summons up a searing nostalgia.  Even if you grew up long after am radio played music — heck, even after most fm radio played music–listening to these recordings in this way, true to their original versions, plays on our collective unconscious’ understanding of the history and evolution of good music.

Hits like “Sam’s Place,” “Your Tender Loving Care” are songs that can ring true as well today as the day they were released in 1967.  Other hits, like “Let the World Keep On a Turnin'” (with Buddy Alan) and “Togetherness” (with Susan Raye) are as snappy as they are a part of history.  And Owens’ rendition of “Johnny B. Goode,” is as gripping and moving as any version of that song.   These songs stand the test of time, in addition to the collection serving as a country Americana music history lesson!

You really need this one for your collection.  Get your copy, here.

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