Video Premiere: Logan Magness “Don’t Leave Me Alone” is Themes on Perspective

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Americana Highways is proud to premiere “Don’t Leave Me Alone,” a music video by recording artist Logan Magness.  The video features a track from Logan’s recently-released album, Memphis On My Mind.  Filmed by Logan and Jess Kirk over a series of months in Memphis, the video switches between self-shots and filmed shots, mixing the two to play with the idea of perception. The song, and the video, play with the idea of perceptions of oneself through the eyes of another.  Of the song, Magness writes:

I was nearing the end of a relationship and questioning my resolve to try another round of making things work…it was very clear that this person wasn’t comfortable with my personal aspirations as an artist and the time that required…At the same time, I was self-aware enough to know the positive impacts creating art played in my mental health….I think there’s always an internal struggle in a failing relationship about whether the willingness to bend to fit another person’s expectations, or lack thereof, is a show of self-understanding or selfishness…This song plays with those two concepts, knowing that I was making the right decisions for myself but not necessarily the right decisions to make a relationship work, and ultimately the decision to be alone.

“Don’t Leave Me Alone” features Magness on acoustic guitar and vocals, Tommy P on electric guitar, Amanda Salguero on bass and vocals, and Cole Bailey on bass.   Recorded over five days at Prairie Sun Studios in Colati, California, the album Memphis on My Mind chronicles Logan’s native’s five years living in San Francisco before moving back home at the end of 2017.   Watch:

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