Show Review: Indigo Girls Fill NY’s Paramount Theatre With Smiles

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The Indigo Girls certainly know how to fill a room…..fill it with wonderful songs, incredible melodies, beautiful voices, and people singing with smiles on their faces. Their concert on May 10th lit up that big room at the Paramount Theatre in Huntington, New York with a hopeful, positive vibe with just a few voices and some mostly acoustic instruments. Emily Saliers and Amy Ray are two talented and dedicated songwriters who together weave an intricate collection of moving songs and powerful live shows. Sometimes they play with a full band, this show they were joined only by killer New York violinist/producer Lyris Hung, who song after song played their distinct melodies on her fiddle like a classical country rock warrior.

From the opening chords of the upbeat “Get Out The Map” to the heartache of “Love’s Recovery,” the crowd was singing along beautifully. The only downside, if there is one, is that sometimes in a venue like this, the chatter at the bar next to the stage can get pretty loud. Even Emily politely asked the crowd (she’s always polite!) if we could be a little quieter for a new song from her solo album. Yet, the epic sound of powerful songs like “Shame On You,” ”Galileo,” ”Fill it Up Again,” and “Hammer and Nail” fired up the crowd from start to finish. Their most popular hit, the 1989 classic “Closer To Fine” had the house lights lit and the entire crowd singing every word enthusiastically, and everyone left with a smile into the Long Island night.

Not to be forgotten, opening act Michelle Malone and her band rocked it southern Gothic style to a receptive crowd. A long time Indigo Girls collaborator, her wicked bluesy slide guitar and Atlanta soul flavored vocals felt like a cool Allman Brothers old school vibe. Check her out: here Find the Indigo Girls info, here.


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