Exclusive Video Premiere: Brent Funkhouser’s Soulful Vocals in “Just Because”

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With soul wrenching vocal delivery that will resonate with any Americana music fan, the Shenandoah Valley’s Brent Funkhouser presents this offering.  A video premiere from his forthcoming EP Shooting a Horse,  “Just Because” is a song that paints the picture of the struggles of a one-sided affection, “I can’t play it cool when I’m played like a fiddle, and left in the cold just because.”

Backed by Jenny Hoye on vocal harmonies, Jesse Dean on slide guitar in the high registers, and Chloe Campbell on violin, Funkhouser’s songs and guitar work will carry you through the ins and outs of a man’s doubt and dawning realizations.

“Although I am a multi-instrumentalist, I consider myself very fortunate to have talented musicians on my side. Their contributions to the sound really pushed the songs to be their best, and the strongest material I’ve ever recorded.” — Brent Funkhouser

Give it a listen, here:

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