Song Premiere: Gene D. Turonis a.k.a “Gene D. Plumber”‘s “Round and Round We Go” is Eclectic, Pretty Folk Song

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Gene D. Turonis, a.k.a “Gene D. Plumber” has released a song from his forthcoming album All the Pretty Girls (Bar/None Records), produced by Marc Jonson .  The song is part folk song and part pretty jewelry-box ballerina lullaby.  The rest of the album is equally catchy, with tributes to Willie Nelson and George Jones, along with original tunes.

“With this song I had the musical bones of it mapped out, but I had no lyrics. I knew I wanted the song to be about dancing and when I played it for my daughter Emily she said “Been so long since our last dance” had to be the first line of this song, and so it was! The song is about two people with a history of heartbreak between them coming together again for a dance and all the feelings that brings up,” says Gene.

At 72, Gene just signed a record deal with Bar/None Records.  This song features Charlie Giordano (Pat Benatar, Bruce Springsteen) on accordian.  The album release date is May 11, mark your calendars.  Meanwhile, give it a listen right here:





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