Video: The Collection’s “Beautiful Life” Video is Hauntingly Moving

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Introducing the video of the song “Beautiful Life” from the North Carolina-based band The Collection.  The song is part of their forthcoming release Entropy; the video is by Peyton Lea.

“When I played roughs of our new record to my current partner, she said she loved the songs, but that they felt much sadder than I actually am in person,” relates primary songwriter and founding member David Wimbish. “I went home and read ‘Wild Geese’ by Mary Oliver, which I love because it offers a perspective of compassion and a grace offered by the natural turning and growing of the world. Viewing change as the natural order of the world helped bring some kind of beauty to the chaos, that forgiveness or repentance can come from just aligning oneself with the earth, and with being quiet; and the song was born.”

This song makes its home in the poignant bittersweet spaces between pain and joy, love and sorrow.   The Collection’s forthcoming release, Entropy, is due out in the fall.  Watch for it, here.

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