The Blackbird’s new CD is a Winding Pathway of Hope and Ruminations


We are all familiar with what happens when a musician pursues a certain tried and true path, following his or her dreams and treading in the footsteps of his or her Americana country, blues, or roots rock mentors and heroes. But what happens when a musician takes a different approach, working on more than several dozen Broadway shows, working in orchestral settings? How about when more than 50 of them are happening in Germany over the past 15 years? How would those influences translate if the same musician set out to make an Americana album? Give this album a listen and you’ll find out.

Greg Dinunzi has been the solo guitarist in an orchestral Pink Floyd show, worked with Brian May on the Queen musical: “We Will Rock You,” (May and Roger Taylor were the musical directors), and played under Daniel Barenboim in the “Staatsoper” in Berlin. He has played with Ute Lemper, and in addition, has played for TV and some films, playing sometimes up to 400 gigs a year,

About his new release, The Blackbird, recorded in Berlin by Jörg Surrey at Teldex Studios, Dinunzi says: “The CD is very much a musical homage to my personal heroes: David Gilmour, Tom Waits, Bob Dylan, the Beatles, Brian May (Queen), and Chuck Berry; with lyrics on “Strawberry Kisser” inspired by the Sci-Fi writer William Gibson and with the concept of imagining the future from the perspective of the 1950’s and 1960’s.”


The CD is intended as a theme CD, to be listened to from beginning to end, like Sgt. Pepper or Dark Side of the Moon. You’ll get drawn in like you’ve embarked on a trip on the Star Trek Voyager to a distant galaxy, but you’ll stay in touch with your humanity every step of the way. It’ll take you down a long and esoteric winding pathway of hope and ruminations.


Musicians involved in the project include: Greg Dinunzi (under the name: The Blackbird) on guitars, keyboards, electric sitar, percussion, and vocals.

Paul Keeves (an Englishman) is on bass and BV’s while Leonardo von Papp (German) is on Drums. Guests on the album are: Karola Elßner (German) on Armenian duduk, Rex Benincasa (New York) on frame drum, and Maria Smirnova (Russia/Berlin) on concert harp. Artwork & design is by Alba Plaza.

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  1. Awesome‼️Great vocals…song content and instruments. Love the Blackbird logo on the cover…so Americana and steampunkish👍🏻😊Kudos to the design artist..Alba Plaza❣️You musicians….ROCK

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