Joe Stamm band releases track “Fetch Me”


Sometimes there’s a “black dirt” Midwestern band working things out off the beaten path in the style of an Americana Byway. The Joe Stamm band, of central Illinois, is one such band; they are currently presenting their songs by releasing one at a time. Flanked by Danny Greuter on guitar; rhythm section Jon Byler Dann and Bruce Moser; and Seth Cocquit on fiddle, Joe Stamm delivers honest, upbeat Americana songs with a blue collar, workingman’s honesty. His vocal tones are open and true, and vibrant.  Produced by Dave Glover in Pekin, IL, this song is a reverent, meditative song we think you’ll enjoy.  That the Joe Stamm band released the meditative invocation on Good Friday is completely apt. Give it a listen, here:

Check out their tour dates, here:

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