REVIEW: Jacob Thomas Jr’s “Electric Sex” is an Electric Awakening


Jacob Thomas Jr.’s new release Electric Sex (Summer Dress Music), produced by Jason Morant (Kate Miner, Kevin Costner) represents Thomas’ awakening to the realities of single life and sexuality after leaving his life in the church as a pastor, and enduring a difficult divorce. In an era where we may perhaps be on the verge of renewed questioning, and perhaps understanding, of the essence of male sexuality, this album’s exploration may be particularly timely. If you like your Americana music at the crossroads of electric alternative, this album is for you.

“Whiskey Rollercoaster” is a perhaps the most classic song pinning down the album. It appears on the album twice, and as a matter of fact, Americana lovers may enjoy the second version even more than the first one, because of the spaces it offers between sounds: “Whiskey Rollercoaster Clean.”

“Man In Need” asks us whether it’s love that we need or just another lover, as it explores the frustration inherent in desire. “Running Through My Mind” is a blunt, very understandable number with acoustic and raw emotional currents. “Cheyenne” is a raw emotional song that’s simple and pretty.  And “Blue-Eyed Genes” is musically a more western number chronicling a possible affair over pedal steel.


Electric Sex is true to both the concepts in its title’s name; there’s an electronica vibe running through most of the songs, and the overarching concept of the album is a very sexy — male sexy—account of contemporary relationship negotiation and a man awakening to his needs.

Drew Belk (Midland) is groovy on pedal steel and the rhythm section is anchored by Jake Finch drumming and Jason Harris on bass, with Jason Morant on keyboard elects to sustain the sound.


Get your copy and read more about tour dates for Jacob Thomas, Jr, here.

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