REVIEW: Seth Walker’s New Release “Live at Mauch Chunk Opera House” Captures the Live Feel We All Crave


Seth Walker’s first live album after decades on tour and nine studio albums, Live at Mauch Chunk Opera House, is a recording of the live show in 2017 at the Opera House in Jim Thorpe, PA.   Amazingly, the album was recorded by Andrew Roberts (with mixing by boht Kenny Raduazzo and later by Mike Poole) without the band being aware, and the result is one of those rare, special offerings that capture the live feel we all crave when we go see live music.

“Tomorrow” and “Fire in the Belly” are each the kind of song that will have you scratching your head, certain you know it from somewhere; and whether you have Seth Walker in your unconscious mind or whether he’s written one of those songs that are just capable of universal connection, it’s a joy.   “Blue Eyes Crying in the Rain” is an interpretation of the Fred Rose/Willie Nelson song that Walker promises the crowd will channel Nelson, and then delivers. It’s heartwarming to share in the excitement of the fans when Walker interacts with them between songs. With Myles Weeks and Eric Kalb mincing festive rhythms, and Stefano Intellisano on accordion and keys, the album will ferry you off into the mystical opera house and you’ll swear you’re right there with them that night.

If you’re already a fan of Seth Walker this album will bring you all of the excitement you’ve grown to expect, and if you’re an Americana music fan looking to try new music, this album is the one for you. Get your copy here.

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