REVIEW: Whiskey Wolves of the West’s New Release “Country Roots” Roots Rocks Hard



“Whiskey Wolves of the West” has just released their debut album Country Roots (Rock Ridge Music). Who are these guys? Well, one thing they’re not is wet behind the ears. If you haven’t heard of the duo and you like your Americana music rootsy, sit down and strap on your headphones, you’re in for a wild ride of entrancing talent. Leroy Powell has long been a sessions musician for producer Dave Cobb, where he’s backed for Sturgill Simpson, Chris Stapleton, Waylon & Shooter Jennings and more. Tim Jones has spent years working with producer and roots rock bigwig Chris Robinson (the Black Crowes, Phil Lesh).

You know how if you listen to the Band’s songs, after awhile you’ll realize that Garth Hudson’s clavinet and keyboard playing was really the magic string that wove the songs together? With the vocals, the cadence and Smith’s work on the clavinet these songs will remind you of that old-timey emotionally connective style the Band had that just held us rapt as a nation. But these songs have more lyric complexity.

“Sooner or later everybody’s gonna come around” to the “Sound of the South,” is the lead track.   “Lay That Needle Down,” is just an ingeniously relatable song: “this heart is like a pair of beat-up old jeans, tearin’ apart at the seams, faded but I can’t give them up.”

“I got a pretty good feeling I’m calling in sick tomorrow“ is the opening line from the song “Country Roots,” which is a fun drinking song reminding us “you’ve got to water your country roots,” but while the lyrics are playful the music never wavers in quality.

It’s hard to create a song that’s original without being too obscure, but the Whiskey Wolves of the West have entirely done it on each and every song on the album. These guys may well be the sleeper debut hit of this year. One thing’s for sure: you’re guaranteed to put this album on and keep it in on in heavy rotation.

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Photo by Greg Giannukos

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