REVIEW: Ruby Boots’ “Don’t Talk About It”


RubyBootsAustralian Ruby Boots’ new release Don’t Talk About It (Bloodshot Records) is her much-anticipated alt country project produced by Beau Bedford. Like Alexander Hamilton, Boots worked her way around the world on a ship as a teenager, bound for a better life, collecting experiences along the way to turn into stories. Nowadays she’s touring and has crafted this album from her repertoire of songs that reflect those experiences,

Backed by the Texas Gentlemen band, this album opens with bang with “It’s So Cruel,” where Boots activates the swagger we all hope for, in being swept off our feet by the one who’ll tell us we’re “the best thing he’s seen in awhile, we’ve got a spark but it’s lookin’ like fire now.” Here’s the video:

“I’ll Make It Through,” co-written with Nikki Lane, is more country with its sad breakup lyrics, with its twang and baritone. “Don’t Talk About It” again veers off into alt-country with country guitar and innuendo; the video for this song is utterly amazing – a family sitting around the breakfast table each locked in his/her own secret thoughts. This video is absolutely compelling:


“Easy Way Out,” is an uplifting number musically, while “I am a Woman” is a dose of a capella sincerity.   “Don’t Give a Damn” closes the album with a sultry defiance, power vocals and piano.

If all of this isn’t enough to make you run out and get yours right now, the fact that it’s on transparent orange vinyl will seal the deal. Get it here.

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