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Song Premiere: Jon Ward Beyle “Holding Hope”

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Jon Ward Beyle – “Holding Hope”

Americana Highways brings you this premiere of Jon Ward Beyle’s single, “Holding Hope,” from his upcoming album Worth Stopping For. Recorded at Arbor Ridge Studios in Chapel Hill, North Carolina, the single was produced by Jeff Crawford and mastered by Jeff Carroll at Bluefield Mastering in Raleigh.

Beyle’s single is profound in its simplicity. Starting off with minimalistic instrumentation that allows his voice and words to shine, the track evolves as it progresses by incorporating layers such as three-part harmony and a beautiful fiddle accompaniment that elevates the song to new heights. With lyrics that allude to an optimistic search for truth in the midst of uncertainty, the song feels like a prayer asking for guidance in the turbulent landscape of the world today.

“Holding Hope” came about at a lost, but inspired time in my life. It was one of those songs that just comes pouring out of you and makes you look at the suddenly full page when you’re finished and say, “Did I really just write that?” The song said everything I wanted it to say even though I didn’t know what I was trying to say when I went to write it. Sometimes you live through an experience, look back and make sense of it, then put out what you learned through your art, but writing “Holding Hope” was completely in the moment – a true instance of discovery through writing rather than writing about what you discovered. — Jon Ward Beyle

Featuring Beyle on vocals and guitar, Crawford on electric guitar, Jake Cochran on bass, Sam Stage on fiddle, Rob DiMauro on drums, and Maddie Fisher and Carter Hodge contributing vocals, “Holding Hope” is a superb showcase of the talent involved and if it is any indication of what we can expect from Beyle in the future, then we need to make sure to keep him on our radar.

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