Debbie Harry Pens “Face It”: “I’ve Had One F—- of An Interesting Life”

It could have been just a  trip down memory lane but it wasn’t. When Blondie landed in Washington, D.C. this summer, Debbie Harry, 74,  stood before a visual of Donald Trump as she sang the theme song played from “To Russia With Love.” The band, helped propelled by drummer Clem Burke, upstaged headliner Elvis Costello […]

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REVIEW: Kathleen Healy’s “Embracing the Journey” is Expertly Played Music

Cape Cod singer Kathleen Healy takes a road less traveled by many who are preoccupied with a more popular approach to their music. Commerciality. Years ago, many female-specific singers braved headier subjects. Norma Tanega, Ruthann Friedman, Melanie Safka, Judee Sill, & others. There are singers today that do try equally to sing of family, misplaced […]

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REVIEW: Lynne Taylor’s “Shades of Blue” is Hopeful and Uplifting

Set for Nov. 1st release vocalist/pianist Lynne Taylor’s Shades of Blue, (Independent) is a musical canvass with songs that are hopeful & uplifting, with social & personal awareness. Taylor, like some, writes with intelligence. She doesn’t need the showboat. There are vintage Americana, hymn-like moments, & qualities similar to past contemporary singers. The difference? Her […]

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