REVIEW: TK and the Holy Know Nothings’ “Arguably OK” Defies Categorization

As music fans, we spend a lot of time trying to categorize bands and music. Sometimes it’s just best to avoid categorization and recognize a band or an artist as simply a good songwriter. Such is the case on the genre-defying Arguably OK by TK and The Holy Know Nothings. One sign of a good […]

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Song Premiere: Diane Patterson’s “Turn Toward the Sun”

Americana Highways presents this premiere of “Turn Toward The Sun,” co-produced by Diane Patterson and Roman Morykit, with Morykit also mixing and mastering, with cover art by Lindy Kehoe, from Patteron’s upcoming album Satchel of Songs. “Turn Toward The Sun” is Diane Patterson on vocals and guitar, and Roman Morykit on electric guitars and fretless bass. Acoustic […]

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